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    This is everything I've been lugging around with me over the years having to do with Mehreideran. The music, art, and memories. I you have anything to add to the archive, let me know, and enjoy.
    Also, there are some liner notes, artwork, and the only photo I have of the band included with the download.

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All sounds recorded by Reid May at the Pearl Building in Suite C, Fresno, California between 2005 and 2006, and all songs by Mehreideran, unless otherwise indicated.
For this release, all recordings were compiled and remastered by Reid May on July 7th and 8th, 2013.

SSR - 009


released July 13, 2013

1. What’s Good Is Below The Waste* - Lyrics, vocals, drums, and additional percussion by Mehran Herd. Guitars, bass, and recording by Reid May. Or was it waist? This track was recorded one day when Greer couldn’t make it to practice so Mehran and Reid thought they would teach her a lesson and record a masterpiece without her. 2. Hedonist* - Drums by Greer McGettrick. Lyrics, vocals, and electric harmonium by Mehran Herd. Guitars, backup vocals, and keytar by Reid May. This was the song referenced in Mehreideran’s first piece of press by Jefferson Beavers. 3. Just The Same* - Electric guitar by Greer McGettrick. Nylon acoustic guitar by Mehran Herd. Drums, lyrics, vocals, and effects by Reid May. This recording represents the only time the band played this song with this arrangement. The song was performed only a handful of times and generally had a happier tone. 4. The Last One On Earth* - Drums and background vocals by Greer McGettrick. Electric harmonium, keytar, lyrics, and vocals by Mehran Herd. Guitars by Reid May. The guitar melody was lifted from a vocal melody from a song in a church musical Reid participated in in his youth. 5. Air** - Bass and backing vocals by Greer McGettrick. Drums, lyrics, vocals, and additional effects and recording by Mehran Herd. Guitar and backing vocals by Reid May. The “Pink Panther” themed music box at the end of the track was Malcolm Sosa’s idea. 6. Sad Bird** - Guitars, glockenspiel, lyrics, and backing vocals by Greer McGettrick. Bass and backing vocals by Mehran Herd. Drums and vocals by Reid May. The lyrics were inspired by Greer’s chalk art and poetry she would compose during practice breaks in the back yard. 7. Petit Chien** - Guitars, lyrics, and vocals by Greer McGettrick. Drums and backing vocals by Mehran Herd. Bass and backing vocals by Reid May. When Greer wrote these lyrics she really wanted to get a dog. She also was interested in the French language. Later, she got a dog and named it Disneyland. 8. Oblivious and Sweaty*** - Bass and backing vocals by Greer McGettrick. Drums, lyrics, vocals, and Mexican souvenir flute by Mehran Herd. Guitars, lyrics, vocals, and keytar by Reid May. Recording by Jason Olmstead. This track is one of three tracks Jason recorded live for us. The other two were unfinished and lost due, again, to Reid’s computer crashing. This track was however posted to MySpace before the crash, and was retrieved in the same fashion as the tracks from “A”. The first half of the track was created by sandwiching Reid’s original song “Oblivious” with a few newer parts created by the band. The second half of the track, called “Sweaty”, was improvised. Extra thanks to Jason for keeping the zeros and ones rolling. 9. Leavin’ Runnin’*** - Drums, lyrics, and vocals by Mehran Herd. Guitars, lyrics, and vocals by Reid May. This was the last Mehreideran recording made. It has a sad, sad sentiment. Bonus Tracks: 10. Squash Of Love - Drums, lyrics, and vocals by Mehran Herd. Guitars by Reid May. Growling by Chuck McNally. Anyone who’s anyone knows that this track is an excerpt from one of the first half day long “jam-seshes” that Reid and Mehran had, that included Chuck McNally. 11. Ringing Of The Bells/Charles In Drag - Guitars, effects, additional recording, electric harmonium, and lyrics and vocals for “Ringing Of The Bells” by Mehran Herd. Keytar, bass, Electribe, and lyrics and backup vocals for “Charles In Drag” by Reid May. Lyrics and vocals for “Charles In Drag” by Nick Napoletano. Speaking of the Mehreideran genesis… Before jamming and banding, Mehran would take Reid’s recordings and mash them up with his recordings. This is some original sin!

*From Mehreideran’s first CDR release “A”. Unfortunately, the master recordings were lost due to Reid’s unstable recording computer before they were pressed. The final mixes were at least saved on the band’s page on the social media website MySpace, where they were downloaded at an unfortunately lower quality, and finally burned to CD’s. **From Mehreideran’s second CDR release “B”. Just like “A”, very few physical copies were actually made. Maybe only twenty, or so… ***These songs were never previously released anywhere except for on MySpace.

Artwork Credits:
Spray paint stencil on 5 ½ inch floppy drive and CDR for the album “A” by Greer McGettrick and Reid May. Woodcut and spray paint stencil on the sleeve and CDR for the album “B” by Greer McGettrick. Photo for liner notes by Who Knows? Did you take this photo, Niilo? Liner notes and artwork compiled and arranged by Reid May.



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Mehreideran Fresno, California

Mehreideran recorded and performed in Fresno, California in 2005 and 2006.
The name of the band was given to them by Malcolm Sosa.
All Mehreideran recordings were improvised and mostly tracked live except for Air, Sad Bird, Petit Chien, and Oblivious.
Participants were Greer McGettrick, Mehran Herd, Reid May.
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